Tailored Business Service Consulting


Market assessment and analysis

  • Identification of markets and sectors with best potential for your product offering
  • Identification of most appropriate channels to market
  • Market reconnaissance visits to give overview of your key prospects and competitors


Product Offering

  • Preparation of your product, brand and services for presentation to key prospects
  • Adapting of product specification, packaging or marketing message to best suit the market
  • Regulatory and legislative constraints


Sales Pitch

  • Shortlisting and appointments with key prospects
  • Delivery of sales presentation tailored to market and client
  • Localisation of sales and promotional materials
  • Representation at trade fairs and seminars


Feasibility studies and market reports

  • Assess viability of market entry strategies
  • SWOT and cost analysis


Marketing and media

  • Identify suitable advertising and promotional vehicles
  • Media planning and budgeting
  • Social media and end consumer communication


Customer service

  • Training and communication
  • How to structure service adapted to overseas markets
  • CRM and optimizing use of CS information